provisoric Homepage of OV G-45 - Aachen-Burtscheid - in DARC e. V.               


Hallo, dear Internet-surfer! 

The local radio club section G45 "Aachen-Burtscheid" is presently the smallest section in the district Cologne-Aachen of the DARC e. V.  and exists since January 3rd, 1984. Unfortunately, we only have 10 registered members at this time.

QSL-Karte von DF0LQ, der Klubstation von G-45

DFØLQ  has activated special DOK "30G45" for  celebrating the jubilee 30 years of G45 in 2014

Chairman     :  DL1KTP Thomas 

Vice-Chairman:  DF1KBN Jürgen 

Treasurer    :  DO5LP  Martin 

QSL-Manager  :  DL1KTP Thomas 

The club section meets once a month,  normally
at every third MONDAY, starting at
19:00 hrs.
Local Time (see below!!!) 

Visitors, people who are interested in amateur radio and guests are cordially welcome.

73 de Thomas  DL1KTP

The next meeting will be at 
Monday Xxx ca. 17:00 UTC stopped by corona
Restaurant "Kaisergarten" (ex: Mongol Hann)
Industriestr. 2 in 52134 Herzogenrath / Kohlscheid

Tel: 02407/5682876 Fax: 02407/5682885
GeoCoordinaten: 50°49'59.46"N   6° 4'41.56"E

Mailadresse: d l 1 k t p @ d a r c . d e